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Fraser Island is situated off Queensland, Australia, and it is the biggest island of sand on the planet. This regal National Heritage island doesn't have sealed roads, no bridges, fantastic scenery, sea fishing, and dramatic wildlife. The only method to circumvent Fraser Island is within a 4WD vehicle. 4WDs are for sale to hire from Queensland, Rainbow Beach, Hervey Bay, as well as on Fraser Island itself. A perfect selection of 4WD is really a 4WD camper because it is fully outfitted with all of camping needs. For more information Rainbow Beach Accomodation, visit us today!
Exactly what is a 4WD Camper?
A 4WD camper is really a 4WD that's fully outfitted for going through the outdoors. It might be a Toyota Landcruiser wagon with roof tent, ground tent, camping equipment including gas stove and fridge or perhaps a purpose built all-in-one camper.
Dealing with Fraser Island.
Fraser Island is all about 300km north of Queensland, Queensland. A 4 hour increase the Bruce Highway, switching off to Hervey Bay, can get you as well as your 4WD camper towards the Fraser Island ferry service.
Alternatively, you are able to switch off the Bruce Highway near Gympie, and drive-thru to Rainbow Beach to trap the ferry there.
Because there are no bridges to Fraser Island a barge from either Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach is needed to obtain your 4WD towards the island. Prices for any return vehicle range from $80 and $140 during the time of printing. Occasions and costs are susceptible to periodic variations. Bookings are needed and occasions and fares could be verified when placing your booking.
There are numerous fall off points for that different ferries. You need to make sure that your ferry is going to your unique destination.
4WDriving around Fraser Island.
Fraser Island is very unique for the reason that the eastern beaches constitute a highway as well as an airfield. You'll need concentrate and never be too engrossed within the scenery to prevent running lower fishermen, children, dingoes and colliding with planes along with other 4WDs.
You'll be driving around the left side of tracks along with other vehicles.
Driving around the beaches on Fraser Island must only be achieved during low tides. 4WDs can and get caught in creeks and also the sea. This will make you responsible for an costly recovery operation and hire insurance in your 4WD could be voided by immersion is brine.
Road rules apply and speed limits are enforced. The beach includes a posted speed limit of 80km/hr and also the inland tracks 35km. Some areas require lower speeds of 15km/hr.
Driving at night time isn't suggested.
Everyone must put on their safety belts as collision along with other 4WD vehicles can be done and a few tracks can be quite rough.
Permits for Fraser Island.
Permits are needed for driving and camping on Fraser Island. These may be arranged when organizing your campervan rental.
Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services (QPWS) provide weekly tide charts, track condition reports, and campground availability. QPWS may also be issuing your driving and camping permits.
The oceans around Fraser Island aren't suggested for swimming or surfing. Shark indicators abound for a good reason. However, there are many ponds and creeks which are safe to consider a dip in.
Fraser Island includes a popular of dingoes. The dingoes shouldn't be given or touched. The instructions you're given concerning the dingoes ought to be adopted.
There aren't any medical facilities on Fraser Island.
Most mobile, or cell, phones won't focus on Fraser Island. You will find pay phones at most of the public venues.
Carry lots of water aboard as some areas are thought remote.
Camping Sites.
You will find maintained camping sites at Central Station, Waddy Point, Lake Mackenzie and Lake Allom. There's also casual beach camping sites on coasts.
Camping permits are usually provided on the first come first offered basis.
Facilities on Fraser Island.
Kingfisher Bay, Eurong Beach, Happy Valley, Orchid Valley, and Cathedral Beach, all offer different facilities for example take-away food, provisions, fishing tackle and bait, pay phones, gas stations etc.
Things to see on Fraser Island.
75 miles, or 120 kms of glorious sea, perfect all year round for that keen fisherman.
Lush rainforests growing in sand.
Multi-coloured sand coves dating back to 700,000 years.
Huge sand dunes some over 240 metres above ocean level. Some areas towards the west finish of Fraser Island possess a distinct desert appearance.
Sand blows, where wind-blown sand dunes are gradually engulfing ancient ponds.
Whales. Late This summer right through to early November may be the whale watching season. The still waters around the gulf from the island, near Kingfisher Bay, alllow for enjoyable waters the whales prefer to frolic in. The eastern side from the island offers views from the whales moving within the sea.
Ponds. Fraser Island has over 100 inland ponds. The shades from the waters vary from astonishing very blues right through to almost tea coloured.
Wild dingoes.
Stranded 4WD motorists who've taken unnecessary risks.
Fraser Island may be the ultimate spot for a 4WD camper hire vacation in Australia. After some planning and customary sense this really is escaping everything at its best, with ancient and glorious scenery as the backdrop. Want to know more about the best Rainbow Beach Motel? Visit our website for more information.

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