Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Android Razr Maxx is definitely an amazing phone with great battery existence. So that you can imagine why I almost panicked after i saw that just after getting it for any couple of days, my phone was dying in just a couple of hrs. Initially I believed it was a brand new firmware update which was the offender. But having seen that there was no new updates recently I deducted it had become an application which was resulting in the problem. My Android OS was almost at 75% battery usage, that was incredibly unusual because it never was this way before. After uninstalling multiple apps and freezing almost any application I did not use with Titanium Backup, I still saw no improvement with my battery existence. After boat loads of research I finally learned that my battery must be recalibrated. To dowload foldermount, visit our website today!
In the following paragraphs I will highlight how you can calibrate your battery to get the best battery existence possible. This really is suggested to become done after flashing a brand new ROM after every 40 charges approximately.
The initial step is to buy your battery existence up to and including 100% full charge. Don't simply hold back until the sunshine turns eco-friendly. It needs to be fully billed. You are able to make certain your phone is fully billed with just about any battery widget. Or you can check out recption menus settings and click on 'about phone'. Then click status and you ought to begin to see the battery level also it should say full.
The next thing is to delete battery stat.bin file. There's two different you are able to do this. One of the ways would be to download battery calibration application. After installing it, plug your phone in to the charger and watch for it hitting one hundred percent full charge. Then click 'battery calibration' and unplug your phone.
Another strategy is as well into recovery. This can be done by entering ROM manager and clicking 'Reboot into Recovery'. When you are in recovery go lower to advanced. Then click wipe battery stats and click on yes. Don't be concerned, this really is safe to complete. It ought to delete it almost immediately. Now you can reboot your phone.
When your phone has rebooted, unplug it in the charger. Are now using your phone normally and allow the battery run completely lower to % that it is completely drained and will not switch on any more. Then you need to plug the phone into the charger and charge it (Using The PHONE OFF) until it's at 100 % again. Searching for a reliable website to download kingroot? Visit our website today for more information on how to root your device in a few steps.

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